The Holloways’ Alfie Jackson: ‘Rob Skipper was a light that should still be shining’

The band's guitarist passed away earlier this month

Former frontman of The Holloways, Alfie Jackson, has paid tribute to his bandmate, guitarist Rob Skipper, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 28.

Jackson has said in a statement: “A week ago I found out we’d lost Rob, a brother and a friend… we shared the most intense years of our life… he was an inspiration and a light that should still be shining… his music and his spirit will live forever… but it still hurts and I am sad and angry.”

He went on to explain that during a recent London gig for his current band, he honoured Skipper by borrowing a bra from a woman in the crowd. “The last time I was at 93 Feet East was with Rob and we were all wearing bras for breast cancer awareness,” he said. “So before the gig it all hit me… and on stage it hit me even more, so I told the story of the last time we were on this stage together and demanded a bra… I wanted to re-live that moment and a girl gave me her bra – it might seem silly to some people; but although it seemed silly, it was incredibly poignant for me.”

He continued: “The Holloways were equally poignant and silly; just as life can be all things at once… things are always juxtaposed… life is tragic and comedy so often… at the end of the gig the anger kicked in as the music and passion took over along with my emotions for Rob, so my guitar got thrown across the stage and I kinda stormed off… I was just overwhelmed you know… he should still be here.”

The cause of Skipper’s death has not yet been released.

The Holloways released two albums in their career, ‘So This Is Great Britain?’ (2006) and ‘No Smoke, No Mirrors’ (2009), as well as a string of charting singles. Skipper was also known for his work in the side project Rob Skipper & The Musical Differences.