Horrors lambast Facebook, MySpace and blog culture

Web 2.0 has destroyed underground music, they argue

The HorrorsJoshua Hayward (aka Joshua Third) has accused social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace of killing off good underground music.

The guitarist said that, although he supports the effect the internet has had on communication, he doesn’t believe it is doing new music any good.

“I’m going to destroy the internet,” he told the Independent. “Every social network site, every blog. No-one’s happier now because of it. It’s really interesting that now we have complete communication, we have less good underground bands. How is that?”

Elsewhere in the interview, the band’s Rhys ‘Spider’ Webb took a swipe at The Killers, questioning their integrity.

“I’m sick of reading about bands like The Killers,” he said. “I don’t believe in it for a second.”

The Horrors are set to play a headline show at the London Electric Ballroom tonight (June 5).