The Horrors: ‘We questioned our own sanity’

The making of 'Primary Colours' was an intense experience

The Horrors found themselves questioning their own sanity during the intense production of their new album ‘Primary Colours’.

Speaking to NME for this week’s cover feature – a behind-the-scenes video of which you can watch below – the Southend band revealled how the follow-up to 2007’s ‘Strange House’, out on May 5, was made in isolation in a windowless studio in east London.

According to keyboard/bass player Rhys ‘Spider’ Webb, the experience sometimes drove them close to the edge.


“We’d begun to question our sanity,” he reveals. “We were just lost in this world, in this place for months that didn’t have any windows. We didn’t have any involvement with (record label) XL – there was no A&R man telling us what to do – and we didn’t play the music we were making to anyone, not even to our friends. So it got to the point where we’d start to question what we were doing.”

However, Webb insisted the process was worth it.

He said: “We wouldn’t want to just be a conventional guitar group. We felt like we could and did try most things on this record. We’re all really interested in psychedelic sounds and mindbending sounds and pushing things in a different way.”

You can read the full interview with The Horrors in this week’s NME. Meanwhile, you can read our first thoughts on [b]’Primary Colours'[/a] on the NME Office Blog.


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