The Horrors announce second album producer

Cult video director to produce band's new opus

The Horrors have revealed they will record their second album with video director Chris Cunningham.

Cunningham, best know for directing music videos for Bjork and Aphex Twin, will produce a record for the first time.

Speaking to XFM, the band’s frontman Faris Rotter explained: “He (Cunningham) hasn’t done music production before but I think it’ll be really special. The results so far are really encouraging.”

Rotter also commented on Cunningham’s inexperience.

He said: “That’s what so brilliant about it – he won’t approach things in the way that so many people will. He’s really into the music we like: y’know – My Bloody Valentine, Dead Can Dance and Squarepusher and I think he’s gonna bring something to the new album that no one else will.”

The as yet untitled follow up to 2007’s ‘Strange House’ is due out this autumn.