The Horrors thrown out of own gig for smashing Elvis

Boston show ends early after disrespecting the King

The Horrors have been thrown out of their own gig at the Great Scott venue in Allston, Boston after a fracas.

According to Boston Herald blog, three quarters through their set on Monday (March 13), singer Faris Badwan climbed onto a ledge and grabbed a two foot tall porcelain bust of Elvis Presley from near the ceiling of the venue.

He then carried the bust back to the stage and smashed it onto the dancefloor of the venue.

This caused the set to be aborted and the band were told the leave the venue.

A brief scuffle then allegedly took place between Badwan and a member of staff as the band left, with the singer later telling the local paper he was spat on during the incident.

The band are now set to play the following US dates:

Los Angeles Echo (March 19)

Los Angeles CineSpace (20)

–By our New York staff.

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