Horrors frontman attacked onstage

New York show descends into chaos

The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan was assaulted mid-show in New York last night (October 31).

The singer was performing at the Nylon party at Chelsea nightspot Stereo to an invite-only crowd, when an audience member leapt onstage and dragged him to the ground, where a scuffle ensued.

Talking to NME.COM after the show, Badwan played down the punch-up, saying “You should have seen HIS face afterwards.”


Badwan went on to describe the lead-up to the attack, saying “this guy kept trying to grab the microphone, and after I told him to stop, he tried to start a fight with me”.

The singer the explained that the man subsequently jumped onstage and dragged him to the ground – throwing punches – before security intervened and threw the stage invader out.

Laughing off the attack onstage, Badwan joked with the crowd, “It really is Halloween.”

However, Badwan later admitted he tends to avoid such incidents saying, “I would never hit someone unless they hit me first”.

The show at Stereo was the band’s second show in New York, with three more scheduled this week as part of the CMJ music marathon.

The band are now set to play the opening night of Club NME: New York tonight (November 1), along with CSS and The Office.


Club NME: New York takes place at the Harmony Palace Restaurant, 94 Mott Street, and you could get on the guest list for free.

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–By our New York staff.

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