The Horrors pull free gig over safety concerns

But don't worry, there's still a signing planned

The Horrors have pulled a free gig amid fears for fan safety.

The hotly tipped garage rock quintet were due to play at London record shop Puregroove Records tonight (August 2) but now they are just signing copies of their single ’Death At The Chapel’.

It was thought that the scenes experienced at the band’s chaotic 100 Club gig on July 25 may be repeated, when fans queued around the block for nearly five hours before showtime.


Posting on their MySpace site, the band said: “With great regret we have had to pull our live performance at Puregroove Records tomorrow, Aug 2nd – however, we WILL still be there, but it will be a SIGNING SESSION rather than having us plug in and play.

“The reason for this is that the initial feedback we’ve had about the possible numbers of people turning up has been sizeable, and if we play live, the store is worried about safety – especially given the reputation of you lot down the front row at our gigs…! So we’re sorry, it’s out of our hands we’re sorry, the store’s just too small.

“We hope you can still make it down, to get a free, limited poster, and pick up a single for us to sign for you as a memento. Furthermore, everyone who signs up to a list at the instore will be notified FIRST about our next London show, whenever that maybe. So you can at least make sure you can see us live the next time…

“Hope to see you down at the signing tomorrow, and sorry again for pulling the plug, The Horrors.”

A spokesperson for Puregroove Records told NME.COM: “We got so many calls about The Horrors that we thought the safest thing to do would be to revert to a signing. Because of the size of our shop we were worried about safety. There’s five guys in the band, lots of equipment and press, so when you bring it down to actual fans allowed in (to the store) you’d only get 40.”

The instore signing is expected to begin at 5.30pm