The Horrors play sweaty London gig

The newcomers have fans queuing round the block

Fast rising newcomers The Horrors had fans queueing around the block ahead of their London show last night (July 26).

The Southend band, who were playing the 100 Club – a venue famous for early gigs by the Sex Pistols and The White Stripes – witnessed concert-goers queueing up for their set at 5pm, a good five hours before they took the stage.

Many of the fans even copied the band’s distinct goth haircuts and eye make-up

The Horrors played:

‘Horror’s Theme’

‘Jack The Ripper’

‘Count In Five’

‘Death At The Chapel’


‘Sheena Is A Parasite’

‘Crawdaddy Simone’

However despite the hot conditions, the fans’ enthusiastic response to the band’s short, spiky set forced the group to be smuggled out of the building after they left the stage for fear of being mobbed.

The band are set to return to the capital for a show at Puregroove Records on August 2 before playing Adventures In The Beetroot Field’s boat party on August 20.