The Horrors: ‘Psychedelia has become too much of an easy tagline’

The band say they were more interested on "exploration" on their forthcoming new album

The Horrors have said they found the term psychedelia to be too much of an easy tagline, and that they are more interested in the process of exploration on their forthcoming new album.

In an interview in this week’s NME, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, The Horrors discuss their new album ‘Luminous’ and asses where they stand as a group in 2014.

Quizzed on the current trend for bands to mine influences from ’60s psych acts, synth player Cowan says The Horrors have always attempted to approach psychedelia as an idea, rather than a style. “Psychedelia becomes too much of an easy tagline. Really, the term should be about exploration. Psychedelia seems more often to be invoked as a retro thing, wishing for some time past. But techno is deeply psychedelic. It places you in an environment and changes the way you think and feel.”


Frontman Faris Badwan also offers his thoughts on the band’s approach to the current music scene, saying: “In some ways The Horrors are more about the past and the future. The present is the one time I feel we’re not associated with.”

The band’s fourth album will be released on May 5.

The tracklist for ‘Luminous’ is as follows:

‘Chasing Shadows’
‘First Day Of Spring’
‘So Now You Know’
‘In And Out Of Sight’
‘Jealous Sun’
‘Falling Star’
‘I See You’
‘Change Your Mind’
‘Mine And Yours’

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