The Horrors give update on their fifth album

"It's going well now", says frontman Faris Badwan

The Horrors have revealed the status of their fifth LP, which follows 2014’s ‘Luminous’.

Speaking to Q Magazine, frontman Faris Badwan said, “We’re recording our new record at the moment. It’s a traditionally long process with The Horrors. It’s going well now.”

The band have recently played a number of European shows. Badwan commented, “Playing live is one of the things I like most about being in a band. It’s definitely good for writing songs, because it keeps the chemistry going – whatever that means.”


But he didn’t reveal what the new material is like. “Don’t ask me what it sounds like,” he said. “I could say anything to you now and it’d sound completely different by the time we finish.”

NMELili Forberg/NME


In June, the band revealed that they were working with producer Paul Epworth, and said they were aiming to release the album before the end of 2015.

Badwan, meanwhile, is also working on a second Cat’s Eyes album with collaborator Rachel Zeffira, which he has described as “very different. It was the final straw for [Zeffira]. No more singing softly… It hasn’t turned into some weird opera thing, but we definitely found a good place for [her classically-trained voice]”.