Pond members collaborate with The Horrors on new album

Allbrook/Avery recorded an LP with the London-based band

Pond members Nick Allbrook and Cam Avery have recorded a new album for their side project Allbrook/Avery alongside four fifths of The Horrors.

Nick told NME that Josh from The Horrors owed him a favour “because he threw a bag of pedals at my face in Australia once, the wanker”. Rhys, Josh, Tom and Joe from the band all contributed to the album, as did Jerome Watson from The History Of Apple Pie, Holly Warren from Novella and Jason Holt from Spectrum over the course of a week.

Speaking to NME, Josh joked: “Nick’s right, we were completely conned into making this record with them. Coffin Joe sold my services while I was passed out in Perth and on hearing the news I was apprehensive. I shouldn’t have been, after a week living on nothing but rum punch, abiding by their rules of two-take recording and preventing Cam from playing AC/DC at every given opportunity we had a great record.”

As yet there is no official release date for the album. Meanwhile, Pond will release their new album ‘Hobo Rocket’ on August 5. The LP is the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’.