Horrors’ Faris Badwan accused of punching fan

However the band's spokesperson tells NME that it was more of a 'clip round the ear'

The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan has been accused of punching a crowd member in the face at the band’s show in Liverpool this week.

The singer was playing with the ‘Skying’ rockers at Liverpool Kazimier on Tuesday (January 17) evening when an eye witness reports that he “punched the lad in the side of the face”.

According to Pete Guy, who was present in the crowd, the alleged victim was then removed from the venue by bouncers after a short scuffle.

Guy told NME about the incident: “The Horrors were playing ‘Three Decades’ and out of nowhere, Faris punched the lad in the side of the face and that sparked at least six other lads in the crowd into kicking off at him. He got booted in the face and there was a scuffle for a couple of minutes before a bouncer pulled him out of the crowd and he was taken out the venue.”

However, according to the band’s official spokesperson, no fight took place and Badwan simply gave the crowd member “a clip round the ear”.

Asked about what took place, The Horrors spokesperson told NME: “There was a guy in the crowd causing trouble throughout the gig so Faris gave him a clip round the ear at the end, but that’s all, there wasn’t a fight.”

You can read Pete Guy’s full account of the incident at Peterguy.merseyblogs.co.uk.