The Horrors: ‘Our new album was a struggle, but a good one’ – video

Band joke that decision to build their own studio was an act of 'stupidity'

The HorrorsJosh Hayward has admitted that the recording of the band’s new album ‘Skying’ might have been “a struggle”, but was ultimately rewarding.

Speaking to NME backstage at Glastonbury in a video which you can see at the top of your screen, the guitarist also joked that the band’s decision to self produce ‘Skying’ and build their own studio was an act of “stupidity”.

He said of ‘Skying’: “It’s the first album we’ve produced ourselves, which is a big step and we’ve also built our own studio to do it in, which was an act of stupidity really.”

He continued: “It’s worked out great. It was a struggle, but definitely a good one.”

‘Skying’ is released on Monday (July 4). It is reviewed in the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands or available digitally.

The Horrors tour in November.