The Horrors: ‘Pret A Manger and darkness inspired album’

The band also appear on Google Street View

The HorrorsFaris Badwan has revealed that the band’s second album ‘Primary Colours’ was inspired by sandwich retailer Pret A Manger.

Speaking to NME.COM, the singer said that with album sessions underway, bassist-turned-keyboard player Tomethy Furse made a musically-significant discovery regarding the eaterie.

Tom recently moved near a Pret A Manger and discovered they throw out all the uneaten sandwiches at the end of the day,” Badwan explained.

“Upon making this discovery he decided to give up spending money on food and instead buy synths.”

Badwan went on to tell NME.COM why The Horrors‘ comeback single ‘Sea Within A Sea’ isn’t being released on vinyl.

“It’s such a long song that you can’t really get it on seven-inch without the sound quality being fucked,” he said.

The band have made ‘Sea Within A Sea’ available to download for free from, as well as premiering a video for the track on the site.

The band’s Spider Webb (who has swapped instruments with Furse for the new LP) also spoke about the recording sessions for ‘Primary Colours’, revealing that The Horrors‘ east London rehearsal room was key to the overall mood of the album.

“The room had no windows; it was complete darkness [when we were writing] so it could have been any hour of the day,” he said. “The most we did was a four-day stint.”

The Horrors are due to make their live comeback tonight (March 23), when they play a gig at London‘s Rich Mix Cinema. Check back tomorrow for a full gig report on NME.COM.

Meanwhile, The HorrorsJoshua Third has apparently been sighted on Google Street View.

Allegedly, the guitarist can be seen waiting for a bus on London’s Hackney Road.