The Horrors respond to the Labour Party using their music: ‘Leave it out Ed!’

The band's single 'I See You' was played at a Labour conference

Update: The band have since issued an official statement.

The statement reads: “We don’t feel that it’s fair to associate an artists work with a political ideology without their permission. We’d feel the same whether it was a Tory party conference, a Lib Dem party conference or a Monster Raving Loony Party conference.”

The Horrors have responded to the Labour Party’s use of their single ‘I See You’ at a conference by posting a series of tweets voicing their objection to the song being played and berating the Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Buzzfeed report that the tweets – which have since been deleted – were posted on the band’s official Twitter page by member Tom Cowan. Responding to a post by Buzzfeed political reporter Siraj Datoo, a dismayed Cowan wrote “Fuck’s sake” and “Leave it out Ed” before telling the 44-year-old politician, “Keep your outdated political ideologies away from us”.

“Our colour isn’t red, it isn’t blue, it’s black,” the keyboardist added.

During the conference, Miliband set out some of his policies for the upcoming general election. ‘I See You’ – which is taken from The Horrors’ latest album ‘Luminous’ – was played as the audience waited in the conference room. ‘Happy’ by Pharrell and Laura Mvula’s ‘Green Garden’ were among the other tracks spun.

In May, The Horrors’ bass player Rhys Webb criticised the decision to sell Lily Allen’s latest album ‘Sheezus’ for just 99p. Google Play users were able to purchase Allen’s third album for the bargain price on the week ‘Luminous’ was released.

“Her record ­company have done that to give Lily a surefire Number One,” Webb told The Daily Star. “Albums should be ­something that are there for a lifetime.”