Nine Inch Nails premiere new Horrors video

Fans can download clip for 'Mirror's Image' for free

Nine Inch Nails are premiering The Horrors‘ new video and offering it as a free download to fans.

Trent Reznor‘s band have posted a clip of ‘Mirror’s Image’ on their official site.

The posting has a message which reads: “We are very pleased and honored to premiere the new video from one of our favorite bands, The Horrors. ‘Mirror’s Image’ is the new single from their excellent record ‘Primary Colours’.”

The video, which is also available on The Horrors‘ own official site, shows the band performing against a psychedelic backdrop featuring brightly coloured butterflies and flowers.

Click here and here to watch the video.

As previously reported on NME.COM, singer Faris Badwan recently teamed up with former Ipso Facto member Cherish Kaye to record a cover of Black Lips‘I’ll Be With You’.

The track is set to appear as the B-side to Black Lips‘ new single, ‘Drugs’, released on August 24.