The Horrors defended by artist they are accused of ripping off

Jesse Kanda releases statement in response to controversy

The Horrors have been defended by an artist they were recently accused of plagiarising in the artwork for their new single ‘Machine’.

On Tuesday (June 13), Faris Badwan and co returned with their comeback single. Following the news, artist David Rudnick took to Twitter to claim the band had ripped off fellow designer Jesse Kanda, who has worked with the likes of Björk and Arca and allegedly was asked to design the artwork but declined.

After it was pointed out that Kanda’s own work shares similarities with Horrors and Aphex Twin collaborator Chris Cunningham, Kanda defended the band, writing in a statement: “At first I felt a bit territorial… But when I started seeing some people accusing some of my work being just as similar to some of Chris Cunningham’s work, who had collaborated with the Horrors before, my stance shifted… I absolutely love Chris Cunningham – if I hadn’t discovered his art in my adolescence, I wouldn’t have made some of my art the same way.”


Kanda added: “Sometimes we might step on each other’s toes, but that’s actually out of love and admiration, coincidence, or even unconscious echoing too”.

The Horrors’ Tom Furse has since tweeted in response: “love from Horrorsville”.

See The Horrors’ artwork and examples of Kanda’s work beneath:


The Horrors’ new track ‘Machine’ was recorded at The Church Studios with Paul Epworth – known for his work with the likes of Adele, Florence + The Machine and more.

The band will be playing an intimate London club show at Omeara near London Bridge on July 11. Tickets are on sale and available here.

Fans have been expecting The Horrors’ fifth album since 2015, when they first started work with Epworth.

Bassist Rhys Webb said: “We wanted to get back in there and get writing. We had a really busy year of touring, so we were ready to get working on new stuff. It’s just because time flies, and it moves so quickly and before you know it, it will be a couple of years between releases.”

“Don’t ask me what it sounds like,” said Badwan back then. “I could say anything to you now and it’d sound completely different by the time we finish.”