The Horrors share “intense” new bonus tracks ‘Fire Escape’ and ‘Water Drop’

From the band's 'V' album sessions

The Horrors have shared two new bonus tracks from their recent album.

The band released their fifth record ‘V’ last September. The follow-up to 2014’s ‘Luminous’, ‘V’ spawned the singles ‘Machine’‘Something To Remember Me By’ and ‘Weighed Down’.

The Horrors have now unveiled two songs, ‘Fire Escape’ and ‘Water Drop’, previously only available as bonus tracks on the Japanese release of their LP. Listen here or below.


In a statement, the group reveal how the tracks were originally one long song, describing the two works as “intense” and Brian Eno-inspired.

“In typical Horrors fashion, we initially had the two tracks as one piece of music,” the band explain. “First starting off with some synth loops our producer Paul put down, it evolved into this John Bonham-esque drum led track – ‘Fire Escape’ – which halfway through shifted gear entirely into what felt like Eno crossed with heavy Cluster/Harmonia on ‘Water Drop’.”

“This change felt completely natural to us, with ‘Water Drop’ feeling like the perfect release to the intense onslaught of ‘Fire Escape’. The dripping synth melody is the anchor in both tracks, gelling together two very different scenes into one.”

“Unfortunately, the tracks didn’t feel like they had a place on ‘V’ but we still felt like we wanted to share them anyway as a little artefact from those sessions. A deeper cut for our fans. We hope you enjoy them”.


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