The Hours make film with Sienna Miller and Damien Hirst

Band post 'See The Light' video online

A short film to accompany The Hours‘ new single ‘See The Light’ will be available to view on today (October 31).

Directed by Tony Kaye and featuring actress Sienna Miller and art direction from Damien Hirst, the video is rumoured to feature some pretty gruesome content.

The film includes scenes of Miller caking herself in the blood of a mutilated cow.


“It’s a song about struggle and addiction and fear and darkness… and these guys have brought it to life; the song and the film work perfectly together, its bang on,” explained The Hours singer Ant Genn.

The single, which features a remix by Calvin Harris, will be released on December 8.

A limited edition 12″ gatefold vinyl designed by Damien Hirst will also be available.

The Hours are currently recording the follow-up to 2007’s debut LP ‘Narcissus Road’, which is due for release in March 2009.

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