Human League star to explore the future of sound at London show

He says his 3D soundsystem is able to transform the way we listen to music

The Human League founder-member Martyn Ware is to present a new show dedicated to the future of sound.

The show, which is called Future Of Sound/Future Of Light takes place in the Great Hall at Goldsmiths in London on March 24.

It will see Ware presenting new sounds through a groundbreaking 3D music soundsystem that is supposedly capable of transforming a small room into a stadium, or a concert auditorium into a small cubicle.


“This is the holy grail of audio,” Ware said regarding the soundsystem. “3D sonic imaging that challenges audiences to embrace a new take on experiencing sound.”

Further Future Of Sound/Future Of Light shows are set to take place in Bristol (April 25) and Gateshead (May 23), while another London date is set to be announced shortly.

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