The Icarus Line announce death of guitarist Alvin Deguzman

"With tears in my eyes I say goodbye to my friend"

Influential post-hardcore group The Icarus Line have announced the death of founding guitarist Alvin Deguzman after a battle with cancer.

The Los Angeles band released eight albums before their 2015 split, and were hailed by The Guardian as “the greatest rock group of the 21st century”.

Now, singer Joe Cardamone has announced Deguzman’s untimely passing, and hailed him as the driving force behind the band’s success.


“I can say with no degree of uncertainty that without Alvin, I would not have had the strength to press forward for so long. The new guy, no matter where he came from, whatever band, was applesauce compared to the pack of criminals that I ran with. Alvin being the saint, the moral compass, the exception”, he said.

“Success didn’t make a scratch of difference to him. When we had it all in front of 15k people at Reading Festival or when we had nothing a week later at bar to no one in Arizona. Doing music was the same to him, fuck the circumstances. For 20 years Alvin turned up, played and knew my songs better than I did.

“On more than one night, I saw the smallest guy in a tribe of small warriors pack the van entirely by himself. I would be out of breath on the curb next to him, he didn’t phase. Alvin slept on the dirty motel floor for 20 years so that I could sleep in a dirty motel bed.For years he taught the band to play my music. It’s completely impossible overstate what kind of sacrifice that is”.

He also described how he first Deguzman during third grade, before they eventually went on to become “best friends”.

“Before I met Alvin I never really had a best friend or really even knew that existed and after I met him I was never alone again”, he said. “With tears in my eyes i say goodbye to my friend, I love you homie, I hope we meet again.”


Earlier this year, Cardamone also starred in ‘The Icarus Line Must Die’, a documentary that explored the formative years of the band.

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