Apparently, the domain name www.jackson5.com bears a resemblance to the name of one of Motown's biggest acts. Dunno which...

MOTOWN RECORDS have launched a lawsuit against a company they claim are infringing copyright by using the domain name jackson5.com.

Filed on Tuesday (March 13) in US District Court Of The Central District Of California, the complaint alleges that the name breaks anti-cybersquatting acts. [url=]www.Billboard.com reports that there are a number of defendants in the action – the Creston Group, Midland Group, AfricaWatch.net, Dolapo Asiru, AIM Internet Services, and Alexander G Cardonell.

Motown, according to court documents, licensed the Jackson 5 trademark in 1973. They are seeking a number of preliminary and permanent injunctions, legal fees and undetermined damages.