The Jam nearly reunited last year, says Bruce Foxton

Bassist says first reunion since 1982 was a ‘near miss’

The Jam nearly reunited last year for the first time since 1982, bassist Bruce Foxton has revealed.

Since splitting at their height 35 years ago, Paul Weller has remained adamant that the trio – also featuring drummer Rick Buckler – will never get back together.

But Foxton has revealed that there was an opportunity for the band to be seen together for the first time in public at The Jam’s memorabilia exhibition About The Young Idea, which ran at London’s Somerset House in 2015.


Asked if he, Weller and Buckler would ever be in the same room again, Foxton told Classic Pop: “That should have happened at Somerset House for the exhibition. I went with Paul on the press night, but Rick went when no-one else was there. That was a golden opportunity for Rick to turn up. No-one would have argued with the guy. We’d have posed for photos as the three of us and it would have been great. That was a near miss, and it’s a shame Rick didn’t show up.”

Foxton has renewed his friendship with Weller, who guests on Foxton’s recent solo album ‘Smash The Clock’. Foxton also played on Weller’s 2010 album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ and appeared on stage with him at London’s Royal Albert Hall that year.

The bassist had also been friends with Buckler, playing Jam songs together in the band From The Jam. But Buckler quit From The Jam shortly after Foxton and Weller became friends again.

Foxton said: “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen out with Rick, but he’d probably say differently. Now I’m good mates with Paul, it’s ironic that it’s gone awry with Rick. But I wish him all the best.”


About The Young Idea is currently on display at Liverpool’s Cunard Building until September 25.