The Jesus & Mary Chain confirm more dates

Jim Reid explains why the band have reunited

The Jesus And Mary Chain have confirmed two new dates at the Summercase Festival in Spain.

They newly-reformed band will play Madrid’s Boadilla del Monte on July 13 and the second at Barcelona’s Parc del Forum on July 14.

As previously reported, the band will also play the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California on April 27.

It will be their first gig in nine years, after they acrimoniously split in 1998, marking a much anticipated return for the band.

Co-founding member Jim Reid explained the band’s reasons for agreeing to play Coachella.

He said: “Why not? There are many reasons really. Firstly, it’s taken this long for me and William (Reid, brother and bandmate) to get to a point where it would be realistic to do it, and to some degree each of us assumed the other wouldn’t be interested, and it was only after we talked about it that we realised this.”

Jim and brother William are both currently working on separate solo albums at the moment. Both records are expected to be released later in the year.