Plan to feature himself naked with errection on record sleeve quashed by record company...

WILLIAM REID, formerly of The Jesus And Mary Chain, has ‘cocked up’ over plans to feature himself naked with an erection on the cover of his forthcoming debut solo LP.

Reid wanted to feature himself in his birthday suit on one side with a picture of an unknown nude woman with semen on her face on the other.

But Creation Records, who were set to release the album, have washed their hands of the project because it falls foul of obscenity laws.


A spokesman told NME that if they had gone ahead, it would have landed label heads Dick Green and Alan McGee in prison.

He said: “We’ve consulted our lawyers and it would constitute hardcore pornography. It’s not a project we can pursue as he’s insisting on this cover. You just can’t show an erect penis.

“It’s his creative vision which we fully support. We’re not going to censor him, but until he changes his mind we can’t do anything. We wish him the best of luck.”

He added that Creation were only due to release Reid‘s album due to the friendship between himself and McGee and that he was not actually signed for the album, so he was free to take it elsewhere.

But if Reid did take the record to another company, anyone who went along with his plan would end up in jail, along with any record shop who stocked it or anyone who bought it, as any depiction of an engorged male member is illegal.

Reid was not available for comment.


A scam to get out of his record deal or a man of vision being stifled artistically? Would you buy a record that had William Reid in the nude with a hard-on? Would you buy it because of or in spite of this? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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