The Joy Formidable: ‘We have 15 songs written for our second album’

Welsh trio aren't wasting any time following up 'The Big Roar'

The Joy Formidable have said they have over 15 songs written for their second album.

The Welsh trio, who released their debut full length LP ‘The Big Roar’ in January, have said they hope to have the album out by next year after they complete their touring commitments.

Speaking to NME backstage at Osheaga festival in Montreal, singer Ritzy Bryan said that the writing process was constantly ongoing and that they had lots to work with. She said:

We started the second album ages ago. We write all the time, even when we’re on the road, because we record ourselves, we build collections of songs quite quickly. We have about 15 or 20 already, but lots of other bits too, there’ll be lots to choose from when we eventually sit down and sort it out.


Asked whether they would look to avoid the lengthy build up to ‘The Big Roar’ and aim for a quick release, she replied:

I think we’d like next year, it’ll definitely be ready, we’ve probably written the second, third and fourth record with the amount of stuff that we’ve got, so I’d say next year is definitely realistic.

The band play their biggest UK tour to date later this year, which is likely to bring the promotion of ‘The Big Roar’ to an end. They band joked that they plan to “shoot each other out of canons” as part of their live show in the autumn, but have promised to put on more of a show in their live performance.


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