The Killers’ Brandon Flowers: ‘We’re not planning any political rallies for anybody’

Band say they will stay neutral despite meeting with presidential hopeful Mitt Romney last year

The Killers‘ Brandon Flowers has said his band will remain politically neutral in the US presidential election.

Speaking about his meeting with the Republican presidential Mitt Romney last year, who shares Flowers’ Morman faith and will stand against Barack Obama in this year’s US presidential election, he said: “I could kinda see that coming… It wasn’t too surprising.”

“But we’ve [as a band] always been neutral, so we just kinda stay out of it. None of us is planning any rallies for anybody,” he told The Independent.

When asked if their shared Mormon faith mean Romney saw Flowers as a rock star he could trust, he replied: “Yeah, I’m sure. But I’m sure he’s met with a few different people. But I think that’s something that definitely made it a little bit easier to reach out to me.”

“I didn’t say anything,” he said of their meeting. “We didn’t talk too much about that… My biggest issue is, I wish we took better care of our [war] veterans. I don’t understand why we don’t.” He added: “I don’t think you shouldn’t vote for him because of his religion. If you’re gonna vote for somebody, you should learn about what their views are on things, and pick the guy that you identify with and believe in the most.”

Last week (September 6), Foo Fighters dedicated a song to President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

 Dave Grohl’s band took to the stage during the party’s annual gathering – held this year in Charlotte, North Carolina – to perform a special two-song acoustic set. The National also played a rally in Iowa in support of the incumbent president’s re-election bid.