Ronnie Vannucci: ‘I’m called ‘Big Talk’ to avoid competition with Brandon Flowers’

Drummer also says he made sure his solo debut was 'a fun project'

The Killers‘ drummer Ronnie Vannucci has said that he decided to record his solo album under the name Big Talk to avoid competition with his bandmate Brandon Flowers.

Speaking to The Sun, Vannucci also said he started Big Talk as something to do “just for fun” as his main outfit had become “such a big deal.”

Asked why he didn’t release it under his own name, Vannucci replied:

I could have called it ‘Just Ronnie’, but even from the early demos, it didn’t sound like one dude, it always sounded like a rock band. Plus I’m a drummer, no one knows my name. And calling it Ronnie Vannucci seemed a bit pretentious, especially because Brandon went under his name and people might view it a some sort of competition.

The drummer also said that he’d started the project in order to have fun, because working in The Killers is such a huge effort.

He said: “I wanted this thing to be fun because so much of my life is consumed by The Killers. I have fun doing that, but it’s such a big deal now.”

The Killers recently headlined London festival Hard Rock Calling and Flowers has also said that the band are well into the process of writing their fourth studio album, with four or five songs already written.