Brandon Flowers: ‘The Killers played transvestite bars’

Singer also opens up about The Killers' future
The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has revealed that the band used to play transvestite bars.

Speaking exclusively to NME before their performance at T In The Park, Flowers also talked about the future of the band.

When asked what the strangest venue he had ever played at was, he answered: “In the early days [of the band] it was notorious that The Killers played at transvestite bars.”

It follows up comments he made earlier about his solo career versus The Killers‘ one.

“The Killers are always my band, and it’s what I would prefer to be doing,” said the singer. “We’ve made an impact, so that’s the outlet to do something. We want to do great things.”

“There’s this new strange balance now. When I write a song now, it’s open to interpretation, whether it’s gonna be a Killers track or a solo track and I’ll certainly run it by The Killers and see if it flies or not. I’ve always got songs floating around.”

When asked about when the follow-up to his debut solo album, 2010’s ’Flamingo’, would be released he said: “I would assume after the next Killers record, but I don’t know. It depends on how long a break we’re gonna take. I enjoy doing it. I like performing and writing and singing.”

When asked about when his next solo album would be coming out, he said: “I would assume my next solo record would be after the next Killers one, it depends how long a break we take.”