The Killers preparing ‘surprise’ for London’s Hard Rock Calling

Ronnie Vannucci talks about Hyde Park show

The Killers have hinted that they have a “surprise” up their sleeves for tonight’s (June 24) show at Hard Rock Calling in London‘s Hyde Park.

The band are currently working on the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Day & Age’ album, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci has suggested that they may give fans a preview at the huge show in the capital.

He told the Daily Star: “Hard Rock Calling is a fucking great show – I love that show. We’re having our cake and eating it too. These intimate gigs are sweaty, where everyone’s like five feet away and you can see the whites of their eyes. You really connect on a more immediate and personal level.”

He added: “But when you have 70,000 people, your gestures have to be bigger. It’s so important about being able to address a group, making a group feel as one. And that’s something that’s a learned thing, we’re still trying to get our heads around it. As for us playing new songs, we might have a surprise for you.”

Earlier this week The Killers revealed that they had already written four or five new songs for their new album. However, they decided to play only old material when they made their UK return with an intimate show at London’s Scala venue on June 22.

Singer Brandon Flowers explained: “I haven’t written lyrics for the songs. I used to ad-lib words at early Killers shows, as long as we had some kind of melody and an arrangement for the song I’d just let it out, but then YouTube happened. You could kinda get away with it before but now it’s different.”

Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart are the other headliners for Hard Rock Calling this year.