Brandon Flowers says The Killers need to ‘do something different’ on next album – watch

Singer says 'wheels are turning' for band's first LP since 2012
Brandon Flowers has confirmed that “the wheels are turning” for The Killers‘ next album, admitting that the band need to “turn it on its head a little bit” for the release.

Flowers released solo album ‘The Desired Effect’ in May 18, with his band’s last release, ‘Battle Born’ coming in September 2012.

With sporadic Killers shows spliced between his recent solo tour, the singer has now told NME that a new LP from his band is definitely on the cards.

“I love making records and I love performing. If the Killers want to make a record then [I would]. That’s me, that’s a big part of my identity,” he said in a video interview (see above).

Giving an update on where progress currently stands on the record, Flowers added: “We’re in motion, for sure. We’re starting to talk and looking at where we are going to rehearse and write… the wheels are turning.”

The album may see a change in the band’s signature sound too, with Flowers admitting that their most recent album ‘Battle Born’ “as a whole wasn’t strong enough”.

“We’re thinking of switching it up,” he stated. “I think we definitely need to do something different. We need to turn it on its head a little bit.”

NMEPieter M Van Hattem/NME

In a previous interview, Flowers admitted that the band “need a kick in the pants” and require “a little bit of that drive and that hunger back” before recording their next full-length.

The singer also recently declared The Killers to be the best band of the past 15 years. Speaking in the same interview, Flowers revealed that he has collected his own facial hair shavings in a bag for the last seven years.