Killers singer may have killed

Brandon Flowers is worried his band name might be true

Brandon Flowers is worried that he might have made the name of his band come true.

The Killers frontman has admitted that he once accidentally ran someone over while driving, but wasn’t told what happened, causing him to fear he killed someone.

“I hit him pretty fast, I was going about 50, he was drunk, he just walked into my lane on the freeway,” Flowers told GQ of the accident.


“I was honking and hitting the breaks but I couldn’t stop in time. I hit him,” he added. “It was terrible. Pretty traumatic. He hit my windshield, smashed it up… His shoes fell off. Their shoes fall off, did you know that?”

However the singer added he wasn’t uncaring about the incident, but that the authorities had not given him any information afterwards.

“They never told me what happened to him,” he explained.

The singer, whose second album ’Sam’s Town’ came out this week (October 2), also defended being religious in a rock band.

“I think Bob Dylan said you can’t be a Mormon and be cool,” Flowers noted. “But I don’t know. I feel pretty cool sometimes.”