The Killers announce plans to release covers album

Band tell NME.COM who they're planning on covering for the album

The KillersBrandon Flowers and Ronnie Vanucci have told NME.COM that the band are planning to record an album of covers before the end of the year.

Speaking in this week’s issue of NME (out nationwide on June 24) about their plans for the release, the two said they’ve been thinking hard about which acts they’d like to include on the album.

“It’s something that we’ve always talked about doing and we’re still talking about,” Flowers said. “It’s difficult for each of us to pick songs that represent us as individuals. I mean, I have a lot of personalities myself! I’ve gone through everything from Neil Diamond to The Cars.”

Vanucci cited acts including “Genesis, Tom Waits, a little Cyndi Lauper, Iggy Pop” as his preferred choices for the album, adding that he’s also been “messing around with a couple of Fleet Foxes songs” recently.

The drummer continued by saying that the band are planning to work on the album while on their current tour, explaining that The Killers have taken a mobile recording rig on the road with them. “It sounds excellent,” he noted.

The Killers are set to headline Hard Rock Calling in London tomorrow (June 26).

To read the full interview with Flowers and Vanucci, make sure you pick up this week’s issue if NME (available on newsstands across the country from June 24).