Killers ‘strip down’ their sound for third album

Brandon Flowers and co. say they're cutting the bombast

The Killers have revealed that their forthcoming third album will be “stripped down” and will drastically cut back on the bombast that characterised their second LP, 2006’s ‘Sam’s Town’.

Frontman Brandon Flowers told Rolling Stone that the album – which will feature songs including ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Neon Tiger’ – includes some of 30 songs he wrote in the run-up to the recording process. The album, rumoured to be called ‘Day And Age’, is set for release in November.

“This record is stripped down in a lot of ways,” said bassist Mark Stoermer. “Each instrument has its place, and things aren’t clouding anything up. We’re not trying to be bombastic. It’s our most poppy record but also our most experimental.”

“We learned that you can’t please everyone,” Flowers added. “But we’ve got faith in what we do, faith in our fans and faith in the soon-to-be-converted.”