Brandon Flowers: “I nearly lost an eye at Christmas”

The Killers frontman gets ready for the holidays

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has revealed how he nearly lost an eye one Christmas after an accident with an air-pellet gun.

Speaking in this week’s special festive bumper edition of NME, the singer described how the dark incident turned into his most memorable Christmas ever.

He said: “I got a BB gun once, it’s a gun that shoots little pellets. It was during the first Gulf War, and my dad brought back pictures of Saddam Hussein for me to shoot at. So I was shooting at one of them one time and I ran forward to it immediately after I’d fired to see how good a shot I was, but it ricocheted off the shed and came back at me square in the head. I learnt my lesson. I almost lost my eye that Christmas.”

The singer added that as a result he now really appreciatess Christmas, explaining that that he deliberately changed the name of the band’s charity single to a ‘A Great Big Sled’ to make it sound more festive.

“I realise now that I probably should have called it ‘A Great Big Sleigh’ because that’s what Santa rides, but it doesn’t sound very Christmassy at all,” he declared. “It sounds like you’re going on a killing spree! Besides ‘sleigh’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘red’ – the next line!”

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