Killers put their beef to bed

Vegas superstars admit Fall Out Boy are 'catchy'

The Killers’ feud with Fall Out Boy looks like coming to an end, with conciliatory gestures from both acts.

Following the Las Vegas quartet’s spat with The Bravery earlier this year, the next target for Brandon Flowers’ ire was the rising emo punks, again amid accusations that their shared A&R man has been neglecting The Killers in their labelmates’ favour, leading to a mini war-of-words between Flowers and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

But talking to MTV News this week, Wentz appeared to put a lid on the whole thing, saying: “At first I was kind of bummed out by the whole thing, because there are a lot of bands that talk bad about us, but when it’s a band that actually writes good songs, it’s a bum-out, because it’s harder to overlook.

“And I thought it was kind of ridiculous, because that band is like quadruple-million-platinum. And to be jealous or imply you don’t like sharing your A&R guy with an untalented band seemed kind of lame. But I think both Brandon and I are alike because we both use too much hair product and run our mouths way more than our bands like.”

Meanwhile, The Killers‘ bassist Ronnie Vanucci also made attempts to put the beef to bed, shifting the buck to Brandon, and even complimenting FOB’s music: “Everyone’s got an opinion, and if someone asks (Brandon) something, he’s going to say it. We don’t always agree with him, but that’s his prerogative. I think this falls along the same lines.

“I hadn’t even heard about this thing with Fall Out Boy until a few days ago, and I still don’t get it. We got nothing against those guys at all. And I kind of like that song they’ve got (‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’). It’s catchy.”