The Killers grow up on ‘different’ new album

More details emerge

The Killers have revealed more details about their forthcoming second album.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the Las Vegas indie rockers are currently in London mixing the follow-up to 2004’s debut album ‘Hot Fuss’, having recorded the LP in their home city.

Bassist Mark Stoermer told BBC 6 Music the LP sounds “different”, adding, “It sounds like we’ve grown up a little bit as musicians, songwriters and as people.

“Overall it’s still pop songs by a rock band, which is what we liked about ourselves before and I think other people did too. It sounds different, but it still sounds like us.”

Frontman Brandon Flowers explained last week: “It’s shaping up to be a lot more serious than the last album. I guess that’s because the band is growing up. We’re not singing about teenage girls anymore.”

Tracks believed to be considered for the new record include ‘Uncle Johnny Took Cocaine’, ‘Have You Ever Seen The Lights?’, ‘Bling’ and ‘Sam’s Town’.