The Killers hint at bringing album sessions to Britain

The band reveal plans with new cryptic message

The Killers have hinted that they plan to continue work on their second album in Britain.

The band were holed-up for recording sessions in their hometown Las Vegas, but have made another cryptic anouncement via their website hinting that they are now moving sessions to the UK.

“We’ve dripped this town dry,” said the post. “But if destiny’s kind there will be other doorbells to ring. London sounds nice. So from stars and stripes to union jacks the freight train keeps on burning. That’s the ticket. Godspeed the boys!!!”

They cheekily added: “This very well could be the best website post in 20 years,” joking about frontman Brandon Flowers‘ recent claim that his band’s new album would be one of “the best albums in the past 20 years”.

NME.COM understands that the band are considering taking up residence in the capital to mix their second album, though there are no concrete plans at present and no more details have emerged from The Killers’ camp.