The Killers recording ‘best album of the last 20 years’

Brandon Flowers is feeling confident

The KillersBrandon Flowers has said that the band are recording “one of the best albums in the past 20 years”.

The Las Vegas group have been hard at work in their hometown since January with producers Flood and Alan Moulder in Studio At The Palms.

Flowers said of the recording process: “We just have to make the best album that we can. And we’re doing it. This album is one of the best albums in the past 20 years. There’s nothing that touches this album. And that sounds like I’m being cocky, but I’m just so excited.”


The follow-up to the band’s 2004 debut ‘Hot Fuss’ is due out in September and tracks set for inclusion on the record include ‘Bones’, ‘Where The White Boys Dance’, ‘For Reasons Unknown’ and ‘My Lists’.

During a recent performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Flowers unveiled his new look – a gruff beard, hippy beads and a velvet trenchcoat – in a nod to Bruce Springsteen.

The singer has now revealed more about his love for The Boss and said that he feels ‘reborn’ after discovering his music.

“I prefer to call it my rebirth,” he told MTV News. “I had something happen that I didn’t ever think could happen. I fell in love with The Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys when I was 12 years old, and I never thought that could happen again.

“But after meeting a lot of those people, who were my heroes and idols, and seeing them onstage, something changed. We’d drawn large crowds, and it felt like we were getting to the same sort of place, and it made me feel like I couldn’t look at those people in the same light anymore.”

Flowers explained: “And that was kind of sad, but then I had another one of those 12-year-old experiences when I was 23, but this time with Bruce Springsteen. And it was just — it was elation… He’s a gift, and I didn’t know. There was something in his music that touched what I was going through, the process of falling back in love with my America.”


Falling back in love with the US is now shaping the sound of the second Killers record, the frontman explained.

Springsteen touches on the American dream, and that’s everybody’s dream. And it’s such a great idea — whether or not it’s still happening today,” he said. “Most of the songs are about getting to that place, of making it to the promised land. And that idea runs through the record. It’s very optimistic.”

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