Two of the world's most exciting new bands are at each other’s throats…

The Bravery have hit back at recent suggestions from The Killers BRANDON FLOWERS that the NEW YORKERS have been riding on his band’s coattails.

Flowers recently said in an interview: “Look at a band like The Bravery. They’re signed because we’re a band”, but speaking to San Francisco radio station Live 105 The Bravery have dismissed his claims.

Talking about Flowers, singer Sam Endicott said: “The poor little guy, he’s very scared. I mean I feel bad talking bad about him because it’s like hitting a girl. It’s like picking on a kid in a wheelchair because he has no personality and no sense of humour at all. So what can you say to that?”

Guitarist Michael Zacharin added: “If you’ve seen them live… they’re incredibly boring. They look like wax figures.”

The Bravery also said they had finished their debut album before they’d even heard of The Killers so Flowers claims were bogus, before going on to take a shot a The Killers Mark Stoermer.

“There’s the one guy whose like nine feet tall. He looks like a little Dutch girl with a beard,” said Endicott of the bassist, “but like a nine foot tall Dutch girl like a mutant radioactive.”

As previously reported, Flowers had also attacked members of The Bravery for been in a ska band called Skabba The Hutt, however NME.COM has learnt that a member of The Killers has secret ska past too.

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