Brandon Flowers loses his voice...

THE KILLERS had to cut short a gig last night (July 14) after BRANDON FLOWERS started to lose his voice.

The band are currently on a European tour, and were playing in Cologne. According to fans at the show, four songs in, Flowers started to struggle.

One told NME.COM: “During fourth song, ‘Somebody Told Me’, Brandon’s voice got weaker and he couldn’t hit the high notes anymore. He abandoned his mic and let the audience finish the last choruses on their own.”

As the problem didn’t get better, the band took a break, and eventually had to cut the performance short.

A spokesperson for the band said: “They’re getting towards the end of their European tour. They had to cut the set short because of voice problems, but Brandon is seeing a doctor today.”

Germany – and indeed Cologne – is something of a cursed country for the band. Earlier in the year the band were playing in the same city and Flowers lost his voice. On that occasion he invited fans on stage to perform with the band.