The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning: ‘I don’t want to blow up in space’

Las Vegas band are currently working on a new album

The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning has said he’s had second thoughts about travelling into space.

In 2008, the axeman revealed he was saving up to book a spot on entrepreneur Richard Branson’s first ever Virgin Galactic commercial flight.

But since the company’s prototype space ship, the VSS Enterprise crashed in October 2014, during a test flight killing its co-pilot and seriously injuring the pilot, Keuning says he is now nervous about taking the step.

“It’s something I’m still interested in, but Virgin has kept pushing that date back,” he told America’s Little Village magazine. “They said it was going to be 2010, and then ’11, and then ’12, and they still haven’t done it. It’s actually made me a bit nervous about being on the first one.”

Keuning said he is likely to wait for others to try out commercial space travel first to minimise the risk to his life.

“Whenever it happens, I’ll probably let other people do it first for a few years because I don’t want to be the one who blows up,” he said before adding: “It’s definitely a dream of mine to go to space. It’s unfortunate how slow the space program is moving. That’s my biggest reason for wanting to live a long life, to see what happens. Will we get to Mars? Will there be a hotel on the moon someday? I don’t know. Stuff like this fascinates me.”

Despite the setbacks to their plans, Virgin Galactic executives hope to send paying customers into space next year, with Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harry Styles among those rumoured to have expressed an interest in taking a trip into space.

Meanwhile, The Killers recently confirmed that they have started recording their fifth studio album.