The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer announces new solo album

‘Dark Arts’ was made with one of Stoermer’s closest musical friends

The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer releases his second solo album ‘Dark Arts’ on August 5.

The follow-up to Stoermer’s 2011 solo debut ‘Another Life’, the new album was made with David Hopkins, singer with Las Vegas band Bombay Heavy. The two became friends after Stoermer played bass on the band’s self-titled debut EP from 2014.

The album began after Stoermer finished touring The Killers’ album ‘Battle Born’ in 2015, making ‘Dark Arts’ with Hopkins at The Killers’ Las Vegas studio.

Speaking of the writing of the album with Hopkins, Stoermer told NME in a new interview: “It’s writing a song together and basically texting each other a line at a time. It’s with music, you record it on your voice recorder and send it back and forth. Sometimes these things take two days, sometimes it takes a month. It’s a bit like playing chess faraway with a person. You don’t know what you’re gonna get. What it does when you’re playing the game is stripping the song down to its most essential elements, just a guitar a voice and the lyric, not thinking about the production at all. That got me into a new mindset of doing that for more songs.”

The first single ‘Spare The Ones That Weep’ can exclusively be seen above. A vinyl edition will follow the digital version shortly after the August 5 digital release.

Stoermer’s commitments mean he is currently not involved with The Killers’ live shows, where he has been replaced by Jake Blanton.

The tracklist for ‘Dark Arts’ is:
‘Alchemical Formula’
‘Drifting Caterpillar’
‘Spare The Ones That Weep’
‘Avarice/What’s Coming’
‘The Break In’
‘Take My Time’
‘Blood And Guts (The Anatomy Lesson)’
‘Tow The Line’
‘Are Your Stars Out’
‘What Was In-Between’
‘Pretend Song’