Brandon Flowers says The Strokes’ debut album is better than ‘Hot Fuss’

"Everybody wishes they could go back and re-do things"

The Killers‘ Brandon Flowers has admitted that he can’t listen to the band’s debut album ‘Hot Fuss,’ citing debuts from bands of the same era were better.

‘Hot Fuss’ was released in 2004, with NME describing it as both ‘clever and clueless at once’, citing the band as ‘weird’ and describing ‘Hot Fuss’ as ‘half of the album of the year’.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Flowers said that he was proud of the album but couldn’t stand to listen to it anymore, admitting that he “quickly turns over the stations” when a ‘Hot Fuss’ single comes on the radio.


Continuing, he said: “It’s not uncommon for people to hear things about their voice they don’t like, or the recordings. Everybody wishes they could go back and re-do things. But I acknowledge there was some magic captured.”

Flowers went on to say that he feels ‘Hot Fuss’ is “one of the” best debut albums of recent years but prefers the debut albums of others.

“If you ask me, The Strokes‘ debut is better. Guns N’ Roses’ debut is better,” he said, before adding, “but I do think we’re up there and I’m proud of it.”