The Killers deny Liam Gallagher will be joining them onstage at Glastonbury

They previously appeared together in Brazil in 2018

The Killers have denied Liam Gallagher will be joining them onstage for their headline performance at Glastonbury Festival 2019 this weekend.

The Las Vegas band are due to appear on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday (June 29) and according to The Sun, Gallagher was planning to team up for a collaboration.

A source told the tabloid: ”Liam is a big fan of Brandon and the lads and has got on stage with them a few times. But they got talking about doing a proper bit together, so have been speaking about doing something on Saturday night.


”As ever with Liam, things go right down to the wire, but both sides are keen to do something and Liam is on directly before The Killers.”

But a spokesperson for The Killers has since denied they will be teaming up with Gallagher, who is due to appear onstage before the Vegas outfit headline.

The former Oasis frontman previously made an appearance with the band in Brazil last year.

Earlier this week, The Killers performed at Belfast’s Ormeau Park ahead of their second headline performance at Glastonbury.

During the show, a fan from Belfast joined the band on drums as they performed ‘For Reasons Unknown’.


Speaking to NME in April, frontman Brandon Flowers revealed what fans can expect from their set at Glastonbury.

We were the secret band a couple of years ago and that was a fantastic experience, but I had forgotten about the previous headline slot that we’d done in 2007,” Flowers told NME. “There were some sound restrictions which have since gone away, and we had the PA cut out a couple of times. I think we can do better. We’ve played about 700 shows since then so we’re a better band with more songs now. We appreciate the tradition and what it means to headline Glastonbury. It’s huge. I used to buy NME Magazine while growing up in Vegas and I remember cutting out an aerial picture of Glastonbury and putting it on my wall.”

He added: “We’re basically going to be coming off a pretty long break, so these shows are preparatory. They’re getting us ready for Glastonbury, but they’re in places where we’ve had a great time before. We’re so lucky and spoiled over there. It’s just fun. Who knows what we’ll do? I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”