The Killers talk group counselling sessions: ‘It cut through the bullshit’

Bassist Mark Stoermer recently announced that he would no longer play with the band live

The Killers have revealed that they underwent group counselling sessions ahead of their new album.

The band grace the cover of this week’s NME magazine, which is out now. You can pick up a copy from any of the places listed here, or subscribe here to have it delivered to your door, and read The Killers’ full interview online here.

The Las Vegas band will release new record ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ next week (September 22). It’s their sixth studio album and the first since 2012’s ‘Battle Born’.


Speaking to NME, frontman Brandon Flowers admitted that “a lot of eggshells are walked on”, before adding: “We’ve had some counselling sessions.”

“It was basically a communication session,” drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr explained of their problems. “We’re four dudes that don’t want to communicate, don’t know how to communicate, how to lay it out. We needed some lessons. I think it’s healthy. If you don’t clear the air there’s a lot of separation. Cracks start to feel like wedges then canyons, and then paranoia builds up and you misconstrue everything.”

“It cut through the bullshit,” Vannucci added. “On tour you don’t wanna rock the boat too much, and it taught that, instead of letting something go an entire six week tour, if something happens fucking deal with it right there.”

Bassist Mark Stoermer recently announced that he would no longer play with the band live. “Everybody accepted it and, you know, didn’t fire him – which he was totally open for,” Vannucci said. “I think he was expecting it. We were just like, ‘Dude, we get it, you need a break, I think we can make this work’. And we did make it work. It’s the best fucking job in the world for me, but I get that it’s not like that for everybody. It’s frustrating, if somebody doesn’t want to tour and you’re making them tour or they’re begrudgingly going on tour, I don’t want to be around that.”

“We are four different people,” Flowers added. “We’ve grown over the years, but we didn’t all necessarily become the same man. We didn’t grow together, we all pursued different things, but that’s what being in a band is, the give and the take, the push and the pull. That’s what makes The Killers The Killers.”


The band also revealed that guitarist Dave Keuning “might wanna take some time off too”. Vannucci explained: “He wants to raise his kid and it’s not always conducive for schooling and stuff to bring an 11-year- old out on the road for two years. Whatever keeps everybody in the car. I miss Mark but I’d much rather deal with it like an adult now rather than in 10-20 years hinking, ‘We coulda still been a band’.”

Earlier today, The Killers unveiled a new song called ‘Some Kind Of Love’. It followed previous singles ‘‘The Man’, ‘Run for Cover’ and their album’s title-track.