Spike Lee on directing the video for The Killers’ ‘Land of the Free’: “It’s a great protest song”

The 'BlacKkKlansman' director revealed that Brandon Flowers called him up personally to ask if he would collaborate with the band

Spike Lee has spoken about directing The Killers‘ latest music video for their political anthem ‘Land of the Free’, remarking that the single is “a great protest song”.

The Las Vegas band’s latest single was released earlier this week, with the one-off track serving as a pointed response to Donald Trump’s presidency as well as past political and social events in the US.

‘Land of the Free”s accompanying video was shot by Lee on location as he travelled along the border between the USA and Mexico late last year to capture footage of migrants and the proposed location of Trump’s border wall, which continues to force a government shutdown in the US. You can see the video for ‘Land of the Free’ below.


Lee has now spoken about how he linked up with the Killers, revealing that frontman Brandon Flowers “called me up” personally.

“He saw BlacKkKlansman, said he loved it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter, before expressing his love for ‘Land of the Free’. “It’s a great protest song. He said, ‘What can you do with this?’

“Again, it’s about what’s happening,” he continued about the message behind the video and the song, before mentioning the shutdown. “Over 800,000 Americans are on their fourth week of not receiving a check. People are hurting.”

Earlier this week, The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning hinted at strained relations between him and his bandmates following his recent decision to stop touring with the band.