The Killers talk doing MDMA at a Deadmau5 show

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr talks about seeing the EDM star in Argentina

The Killers‘ drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr has described the time he took MDMA and watched Deadmau5 perform.

The band – who released new album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ last week – recently graced the cover of NME. You can read that interview online here.

Speaking in a separate interview with Spin, Vannucci talked about working with producer/DJ Erol Alkan on their new record, describing him as “cooler than Avicii or whatever”. Vannucci added: “I’m not hip to DJ culture as much, but I’ve heard some really cool shit. But the majority of it is shit. And it’s bad.”

However, Vannucci did admit that he had fun at a Deadmau5 show once. “We were in Argentina once, Buenos Aires, and we saw Deadmau5,” the drummer explained. “And I went in there fully just like, shitty attitude, not ready to enjoy myself. I enjoyed it. It was like a full-on experience. It was awesome. It’s not really my bag, but I was there, my dad was there, we were surrounded by a bunch of South American models. Everything was fine.”

“You need to get the whole story. It was also Ron’s first time experimenting with MDMA,” frontman Brandon Flowers added. To which, Vannucci replied: “I loved it,” before Flowers chimed in again: “He fucking loved it.”

In their NME interview, The Killers revealed that they attended group counselling sessions ahead of their new album.

Speaking to NME, Flowers admitted that “a lot of eggshells are walked on”, before adding: “We’ve had some counselling sessions.”

“It was basically a communication session,” drummer Vannucci explained of their problems. “We’re four dudes that don’t want to communicate, don’t know how to communicate, how to lay it out. We needed some lessons. I think it’s healthy. If you don’t clear the air there’s a lot of separation. Cracks start to feel like wedges then canyons, and then paranoia builds up and you misconstrue everything.”

“It cut through the bullshit,” Vannucci added. “On tour you don’t wanna rock the boat too much, and it taught that, instead of letting something go an entire six week tour, if something happens fucking deal with it right there.”