Stream The Killers’ Brian Eno-influenced new track ‘Some Kind Of Love’

It's from the band's upcoming album 'Wonderful Wonderful'

The Killers have shared a new track called ‘Some Kind Of Love’. Scroll below to listen.

The Las Vegas band will release new record ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ next week (September 22). It’s their sixth studio album and the first since 2012’s ‘Battle Born’.

Having already released singles ‘‘The Man’, ‘Run for Cover’ and their album’s title-track, Brandon Flowers and co have now unveiled ‘Some Kind Of Love’, which lends from Brian Eno‘s 1983 song ‘An Ending (Ascent)’.


Stream below via Spotify and hear Eno’s original.

Flowers recently revealed how the Eno sample came to be, telling Rolling Stone: “The only recurring dream I’ve had in my life is, I’m on one side of the street and Brian Eno is on the other side, and I can’t cross the street. [This time] I was in a little bit of a rut myself, and I went on YouTube and was playing over his instrumentals, and that’s where that song started. It took us over a year to finally get him to say yes to it. It all was coming up again: Brian Eno does not want anything to do with me. And finally, I got him on the phone and we got the approval. We had Bono and Anton Corbijn texting him and emailing him about it.”

“What we found out is that he’d told his manager, ‘I don’t want to use this song anymore,'” Flowers continued. “It was probably because these spa compilations and things like that. He didn’t know a band was gonna try to sing on it. So once I finally got to talk to him, we worked it out and he laughed. I told him the story about the dream, and it was pretty funny. He gave his seal of approval, and he likes it. So we finally got to work with Eno.”

The Killers grace the cover of this week’s NME magazine. Read the full interview here.


The Killers' Brandon Flowers

Speaking to NME, frontman Brandon Flowers revealed how his wife’s battles with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) provided creative inspiration for their new album.

Flowers has opened up on how album track ‘Rut’ was inspired by his wife Tana’s battle with the mental health condition, and how she sought counselling in a desperate attempt to tackle it.

He said: “My wife has PTSD. She has a version called Complex PTSD. It’s when a person has had multiple traumatic experiences. Her whole life, she’s been covering it, pretending it isn’t there. For whatever reason, in her 30s, it’s decided to really manifest itself and that’s what I’m going through with my family.”

“Usually I feel protective of her but I decided to take it head on. So ‘Rut’ is about her submitting to it. She got severely depressed and it wasn’t until she sought counselling and got a name for what was going on that it helped.

“Now she submits to it – that doesn’t mean that she’s gonna let it beat her, but rather that she’s gonna finally acknowledge that it’s there and promise to break this cycle.”

Flowers also revealed how putting Tana’s struggles into song enabled him to gain a greater understanding of her battle. “It bonded me and Tana in a way that I never foresaw,” Brandon said. “It helped me to understand her better and be more compassionate.”

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