The Killers are teasing ‘something new’

The Las Vegas band released their latest album 'Wonderful Wonderful' in 2017

The Killers are teasing “something new” on their social media accounts, with it set to be revealed tomorrow (January 14). 

The band released their latest album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ in 2017. They have yet to release any new music, including their usual festive singles, since then.

Posting on Twitter and Instagram, the band told fans to “tune in to @zanelowe on @Beats1 tomorrow at 9AM PST [5PM GMT] for something new…” The posts also included what could be artwork, which featured raps of black-and-white and sepia images of the Statue of Liberty and the words “Land of the free”.

While it’s currently unclear what tomorrow’s reveal will bring, in December the band shared a photo from the studio, suggesting they may have been working on new material. The photo showed Brandon Flowers stood behind a keyboard with someone else set at a computer with production software visible on its screen.

Last year, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr told NME he didn’t think there would be another five-year wait between albums, as there was between ‘Battle Born’ and ‘Wonderful Wonderful’. “I doubt it,” he said. “We’re already thinking about bringing our recording rigs with us [on tour] and we’ve been messing around backstage with ideas. It’s in our minds and I think we want to get it right away. I don’t want to take anymore time and I think we’re ready.”

Meanwhile, The Killers’ guitarist Dave Keuning is preparing to release his debut solo album, ‘Prisism’, on January 25. Speaking to NME last year, he compared working by himself to with the Las Vegas band.

“With The Killers you have to compromise with three other people and everybody wants a song to be something different and maybe the music to be a different direction,” he explained. “And there’s probably a lot of songs on there that I’ve tried to estimate whether they’d be on a Killers record or not. A lot of them would not be on a Killers record – maybe, maybe some would – but I think that most of them would not.”